Working with you to bring your ideas to life

Because laser cutting is so versatile, no two projects are the same. We work with each customer individually to achieve the outcome they want. We can offer one-offs or prototypes, as well as full production services.

1 filetypes.jpgYou send us your files

We work from your drawings and designs. Send us your artwork as a .jpg, .dxf, .dwg, .pdf, or .ai file, and we do the rest. The more details you give us about the specifications of your order, the quicker the process and the better the outcome. If you only have a hard copy of your design, we will do our best to convert this into a file format we can work with.

2 You supply the material

Together with your artwork, you send us a sample of the material you are planning to use of approximately A4/A5 size. We can do simple test runs free of charge; however if you wish for a test run of the actual design this may involve a charge. If after the test results you wish to go ahead with the order, you send us the remainder of the material. Any unused material will be sent back to you or, if applicable, stored here for future orders.

3 getitright.jpgWe work with you to get it right

We convert your artwork into file formats suitable for our machines, and make sure we lay it out in a way that minimises material waste. If necessary, we do as many test runs as it takes to get it just right for you.

4 cuttingandengraving.jpgCutting and engraving

Only when you’re happy with everything will we get going for real. Turn-around times depend on the scale and complexity of the order, but we’ll discuss this with you throughout the process so that there are no nasty surprises. Wherever we can we fit our work around your deadline.